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Configuration - Spring
@Configuration is meta-annotated with @ Component , therefore @ Configuration classes are candidates for component scanning (typically using Spring XML's ...
Configuration.html | docs.spring.io | springConvert : configuration spring
What is configuration? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia ...
The way a system is set up, or the assortment of components that make up the system. Configuration can refer to either hardware or software, or the combination ...
configuration.html | www.webopedia.com | wordConvert : configuration definition from webopedia what word
Configuration | Android Developers
This class describes all device configuration information that can impact the resources the application retrieves. This includes both user-specified configuration ...
Configuration.html | developer.android.com | developersConvert : android configuration developers
Configuration (FreeMarker 2.3.20 API)
The main entry point into the FreeMarker API; encapsulates the configuration settings of FreeMarker, also serves as a central template-loading and caching ...
Configuration.html | freemarker.org | freemarkerConvert : 2320 api configuration freemarker
Configuration (Apache Hadoop Main 2.2.0 API) - Apache™ Hadoop
Configurations are specified by resources. A resource contains a set of name/ value pairs as XML data. Each resource is named by either a String or by a Path .
Configuration.html | hadoop.apache.org | mainConvert : 220 apache apachetrade api configuration hadoop main
Configuration (Apache Commons Configuration 2.0-SNAPSHOT API)
This interface allows accessing and manipulating a configuration object. The major part of the methods defined in this interface deals with accessing properties ...
Configuration.html | commons.apache.org | configurationConvert : 20-snapshot apache api commons configuration
Configuration - Gradle DSL Version 1.11
A Configuration represents a group of artifacts and their dependencies. Find more information about declaring dependencies to a configuration or about ...
org.gradle.api.artifacts.Configuration.html | www.gradle.org | versionConvert : 111 configuration dsl gradle version
Configuration (Hibernate JavaDocs)
An instance of Configuration allows the application to specify properties and mapping documents to be used when creating a SessionFactory. Usually an ...
Configuration.html | docs.jboss.org | javadocsConvert : configuration hibernate javadocs
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